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Agape Fountain Pen - "Easter Egg"

Agape Fountain Pen - "Easter Egg"

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The Agape (formerly BPK) is our standard model in our fountain pen lineup. These pens feature sleek lines, a custom made clip and nickel silver cabochon in the cap finial. The section, body and cap are made from a variety of materials and resin color mixes. The clips are made from solid stainless steel, titanium or nickel silver. The pens are lightweight which makes them a very comfortable writing experience.

This one is gorgeous! The body, cap and section is made from one of our custom resin mixes called "Easter Egg". This mix features 4 pastel colors: yellow, pink, blue and orange. Pen has a chrome clip, nickel silver cabochon and is fitted for our branded Jowo #6 nib, with many options available. This pen is postable and comes with one standard international converter.

Body size: ~14.5mm
Cap size: ~16.0mm
Section size: ~12.6mm
Length (Capped): ~143.7mm
Weight: ~22 grams

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