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Beach Bucket Pen Display - Red

Beach Bucket Pen Display - Red

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Bring a piece of the beach home with you. The beach bucket is 2"x2" high quality galvanized metal bucket.  It is filled with real sand and resin.  The the sandy beach is adorned with real sea shells, sea glass, starfish, sand dollars, shark teeth, message in a bottle, and/or miniature metal flip flops. The glass bottle has a 5/8" opening, which fits most pens. Cork is included with the bottle which could alternately be used as an ink well. Pen is not included with stand. 

The beach bucket is versatile and can be used in many capacities.  The bottle is glass so you can not only use it to hold a pen, ink or water.  You can use it for whatever your mind can imagine.  They have been used for small plants, make up brushes, and even paint brushes.

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