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Black and White with Blue Tint Resin Tie Tack Set

Black and White with Blue Tint Resin Tie Tack Set

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This is a beautiful round shaped resin cabochon set onto tie tacks. The resin cabochon is approximately 0.55" (14mm). The silver colored tie tack base is nickel plated brass. The base measures 10mm in diameter; 10mm in length. The back is a butterfly clutch back and measures 10mm in diameter.

The unique effect with the coloring is eye catching. The colors of the cufflink cabochon are black and white with a translucent blue layer, which gives a blue glass look to the piece. Each set is unique and can not be exactly replicated.

Available for custom orders.  The coasters can be replicated but they will have variations in resin and shell colors since each set is hand made.  It will take 5-7 days to ship due to multiple layers and cure time of the resin.

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