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Custom Fountain Pen - Corvette Fordite with Metallic Red

Custom Fountain Pen - Corvette Fordite with Metallic Red

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Corvette lovers, this one is for you! Talk about a WOW! The main part of the body and cap of this pen are made from fordite from the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY. Fordite is layers of auto paint over spray that builds up along the assembly line. These layers harden to create truly a very unique product. Corvette fordite is expensive and one of the rarest to obtain.

The fordite is sleeved with resin to add to the durability of the pen. The nib section is and accents are made from matching metallic red resin. The clip is custom made from solid stainless steel. The custom center band and cabochon are also machined from stainless steel. The pen is fitted with our branded Bock no. 6 nib in your choice of width and one standard international converter is included.

Dimensions are approximate
Body Diameter: ~14.5mm
Cap Diameter: ~16.5mm
Section Diameter: ~12.5mm
Length (capped): ~156.0mm
Weight: ~23.5 grams

We, nor this pen, is associated to Chevrolet or Corvette in anyway.

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