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Divine Island Design, LLC

Divinus Fountain - "Oil Slick" DiamondCast™

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$299.00 USD

The "Divinus" is our latest model in our fountain pen lineup. This is our high end model pen that is made with premium resins, handmade metalwork and Bock no. 6 nibs. The sleek design makes the pen very comfortable to use all day long. The Bock nib is pre-tuned by Kirk Speer at Pen Realm so it is ready to go out of the box. We have spent months in the design and development of this model and our aim was to obtain the look of a production fountain pen but with the artistry of a custom pen. All Divinus model pens feature a slim and sleek style clip, matching accents, finial caps and center band. Cap is made with 14mm triple lead threads which makes removing or replacing the cap effortless. As always pen comes with one standard international converter.

The body, cap and section for this pen is made from DiamondCast™ "Oil Slick". The mix features six rainbow colors and real diamond dust is used to give the pen some amazing sparkle. This one is more muted than most oil slick blanks which gives it a unique look. Pen has a stainless steel clip, accents, center band and finial cap.

Cap Diameter: ~16.5mm
Body Diameter: ~14.5mm
Section Diameter: ~12.5 - 10.7mm
Length (capped): ~140.0mm
Weight: ~23 grams

DiamondCast™ Blanks are made with Alumilite and a patent pending combination of real diamond dust and pigments. Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.