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Liberty Twist Pen Kit - Engraved

Liberty Twist Pen Kit - Engraved

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The Liberty Click from McKenzie Penworks is a single tube kit similar in size to many Sierra clones. It is a top twist pen that uses a Parker style refill. Embedded casters will enjoy the fact that this pen has a slightly thicker body than similar pens of this size.

The pen components are machined from solid stainless steel here in the US. We include a premium Schmidt 900M Black Ink Cartridge with every kit.

Standard Stainless Finish is bright but not mirror polished. We use a machine polishing method to get a bright finish. There may be a few light machining lines that you'd expect to see in stainless steel. If a mirror finish is required you can use standard buffing methods used on pens to buff these to a mirror finish.

Required Drill Bit: 27/64
Tube length: 56mm
Finished Lower Section Diameter: .498"
Finished Top Finial Diameter: .533"

Pen Boxes come with additional foam insert and can be converted to hold finished pen. Both the twist and click versions of the Liberty use the same bushings.

All engravings are annealed, meaning the metal is heated to add the specific pattern to the kit. Annealing is very durable and maintains the smooth finish on the components.

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