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Spes Fountain Pen - "Buckeye"

Spes Fountain Pen - "Buckeye"

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The Spes (formerly Summerland) is our basic model in our fountain pen lineup. Similar to the Largo but with more colorful material choices. The section, body and cap are made from a variety of materials and resin color mixes. The pens are lightweight which makes them a very comfortable writing experience. The caps do post onto the pen body.

For the Buckeye fans out there! The body, cap and section are made from our custom "Buckeye Nation" resin mix which features swirls of red, gray and white. Pen is fitted with our branded Bock #6 nib available in F, M and B. Pen comes with one standard international converter.

Body Diameter: 15.0mm
Cap Diameter: 16.5mm
Section Diameter: 12.5mm
Length (capped): 137.0mm
Weight: 20 grams

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