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Utensils - Bamboo Cooking Utensils with Resin Handle

Utensils - Bamboo Cooking Utensils with Resin Handle

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Beautiful cooking utensils with resin handle.  The utensils are made from bamboo and are standard sizes.  The resin is dyed with Divine pigments and/or mica powders.  Most utensils have matching cutting boards.

NOTE: The art can not withstand direct heat from pots and pans.  The resin is food contact safe but not meant to be used for prepping/cutting food.  Hand wash only.  It is recommended to treat the wood with food grade oil like butcher block oil to keep the luster and shine.

Available for custom orders.  It will take 5-7 days to ship due to multiple layers and cure time of the resin.  Each piece is custom made, so there may be pattern and color variations from the pictures.

*Matching small, medium and large size cutting boards and coasters available.  Contact us directly for special set pricing.v

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